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UK Decriminalises Sharing

The Pirate Bay

This is now perfectly legal, shockingly

Sharing No Longer a Crime

Crushing blow to anti "piracy" terrorists

In a blatant act of democracy that would make Mussolini spin in his grave, the UK government reluctantly conceded that if everybody does it, it probably shouldn't be a crime.

Instead, as a nod to the intellectual monopoly gangsters, those dastardly "pirates" (i.e. everyone) will receive four spam letters a year from the Content® manufacturing industry, in a futile attempt to convince the rigidly bored audience to pay for Hollywood's increasingly derivative and uninspiring garbage.

Other than that, no action will be taken, at least not against the "pirates", not even so much as a menacing glance, much less a fine or prison sentence.

This makes perfect sense, given that these copyright extortionists plagiarised the highly derivative Content® they're fraudulently claiming the exclusive "right" to in the first place. Sadly this decision was made for purely pragmatic reasons, however, and not as an honest admission of unoriginality, so we can expect more unmitigated drivel from Hollywood in the future, including a never-ending litany of comic-book adaptations suitable only for retarded American teenagers with the combined IQ of a carrot (with my sincere apologies to carrots).

The copyright terrorists will continue to target those who profit from their garbage, however, which must surely be a very small list, mostly comprising a handful of Jews in Hollywood.