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The Fallacy of "Freedom"

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And how it directly opposes democracy


Charles Manson had "freedom". Adolf Hitler had "freedom". Osama bin Laden had "freedom".

So too do the banksters who raped us for billions, the oil barons and weapons manufacturers that drive the war economy, and the world's richest 8 people, who between them hoard the same wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion (all of which they accumulated by stealing the profits of other people's labour - i.e. capitalism).

"Freedom" is not a noble aspiration, it's something you do when you don't give a damn about other people. It's the creed of predators.

Indeed the entire premise of "freedom" is a myth. Even in the total absence of government and law, you cannot possibly have "freedom" in any society comprising more than one person, since your actions are regulated by your neighbours, as you will quickly discover if you provoke them.

There is no such thing as "freedom", by simple virtue of the fact that there is no freedom from consequences.

Instead of constantly whining about "freedom", libertarians should be more concerned with human welfare, the key to which is equality, and the only way to achieve equality is through democracy.

But then, they wouldn't be libertarians, they'd be socialists. Like me.

Libertarians despise democracy, because they presume the majority is "evil" and thus constitutes a form of "tyranny". However, this gambit is highly irrational, since if humanity is indeed intrinsically evil then the only possible moral outcome is extinction.

In reality, it's actually the self-proclaimed "moral" minority that has terrorised humanity since the dawn of civilisation, and the majority would be much better off without them.

If the majority really are "evil", then they don't appear to be exploiting that evil for their own benefit, since the vast majority of them are suffering in abject poverty. What sort of strange and wonderful "evil" is this, that fails to pursue its own selfish interests?

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The US is an oligarchy, study concludes?

America certainly has "freedom", in the Charles Manson sense, but it is not and never has been a democracy.

The US is a federal republic whose founders explicitly rejected democracy, as they claimed that majority rule was somehow "tyrannical" ... as opposed to some self-proclaimed "moral" minority of slave owners, who we are presumably expected to believe isn't.

Democracy is majority rule, and since the majority would clearly not oppress itself, then you'll know when you see a democracy, because you will no longer be oppressed: you will no longer be poor, you will no longer have substandard education and healthcare, you will no longer be rounded up and brutalised by militarised "police", you will no longer be subject to warrantless mass surveillance - in short - you will no longer be treated like a slave.

The predatory psychopaths who rule us, on the other hand, will be "oppressed", as any criminals rightfully should be, since they will no longer be able to prey on the majority.

This is presumably the "tyranny of the majority" they allude to, and the real reason they rejected democracy, because it denies them their "freedom" to be predators.