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Microsoft Sells Out America

Lou Dobbs Tonight

More H-1B visas?

CNN's Louise Schiavone reports on the push from billionaire Bill Gates to allow more workers into the U.S. on H-1B visas.

Fawning members of congress fail to challenge Bill Gates, as he sells out America for cheap foreign labour.

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Microsoft Bribes Professors to Peddle the Vole's Warez

Another new low for the Redmond gangsters.

The Chronicle: Information Technology: 04/24/98

Microsoft is "trying to make them advertising agents of their wares," says Albert Borgman, a philosophy professor at the University of Montana at Missoula who has written about technology and its effect on society. "This is going beyond the pale."

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Copyright is Not Property

An excellent article from Techdirt, postulating that the idea of so-called "Intellectual Property" is completely bogus.

Techdirt: Another Look At The 'Does File Sharing Equal Stealing?' Question

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Microsoft: still a bunch of gangsters

PlexNex: Microsoft Concedes They've Been Cheeting All Along

Joe Wilcox hits it hard -- all good wood -- in his spot on assessment of the shadow interoperability measures just announced which were supposed to rock our world ...

Ozzie said that the information disclosure demonstrates "our
commitment to an open and level playing field." I find the statement

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Gnome Accelerates Poisoning of Free Software

Mono = Microsoft Monopoly
It seems like my morbid predictions that Free Software will be fatally poisoned by Mono, are becoming more and more true by the day. The next victim, apparently, is D-Bus:

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