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Respect Freedom, Not Pragmatism

Having just discovered this "openrespect" thing, I have to say I find the whole idea rather sinister. It seems to me that Jono Bacon is endorsing a sort of moderation, or more bluntly, censorship of criticism, in order to silence those who oppose pragmatic concessions that undermine our ideals.

Here's the problem: he can't magically make me, or anyone, have respect for him or his ideals. In particular, I have no respect for pragmatism, or the "Open Source" ideology, especially as it edges ever-closer to "Open Core", and panders to the principles of proprietary licensing. I have no respect for it, I have no respect for those who support it, and I have no desire to ever change that view.

My Freedom is more important than diplomacy.

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Bash Bullshit Generator

# Bullshit generator
# Version 1.1
# © 2010 Homer,
# License: GPL3+

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Scotland's Dario Franchitti wins the Indy 500

Dario Franchitti celebratesAfter two interruptions due to rain, the 91st Indianapolis 500 race has been won by Scotland's Dario Franchitti, his first Indy victory.

Chastain Motorsports' Roberto Moreno, the Tux500 driver, unfortunately crashed and burned after losing control and hitting the wall on lap 37.

Oh well, maybe next time.

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