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Screw Googler Fumbles

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El Reg hack, Andrew Orlowski, recently posed the question "Why DOES Google lobby so much?"

It's a loaded question, of course, and the accompanying article is dripping with the sort of rhetoric one expects from a part-time Screw Googler, and a full-time right-wing extremist, like Orlowski.

I gave my answer in the comments:

Prepare for boarding, me young buckaroos"Why does Google lobby so much?"
Submitted on Tuesday 24th July 2012 03:13 GMT
Rejected on Wednesday 25th July 2012 12:11 GMT why?

Probably to balance the vast amount of propaganda peddled by its competitors and opponents.


As for Google's antithetical views on Intellectual Monopoly, they have my full support (in that matter, at least), along with several Nobel Laureates in Economics, so I wouldn't dismiss the "freetard" doctrine (as you put it) so readily, if I were you, especially as most of the Intellectual Monopolists who whine about IP "theft" only acquired said "IP" by "shamelessly stealing" it from others in the first place.

Personally, I'd much rather see Google spread the love, than suffer under the tyrinical regime of hypocritical and fraudulent Intellectual Monopolists.

Just my 2¢ (that's about 1p in English).

As you can see the comment was rejected ... eventually, which is surprising for two reasons: first because AFAICT it doesn't violate El Reg's rules (no direct assaults on the author ... or anyone else), and second because it was initially accepted, by Orlowski (whose articles are always moderated, for obvious reasons), at 8:00am (ish), then only subsequently rejected some 28 hours later.

Apparently, upon further reflection, our libertarian friend decided my comment might be a little too insightful, so he revised history to avoid further damage to his twisted cause.

Maybe he should change his name to Barbra.

Anyway, it wasn't exactly the first time Orlowski had chickened out of one of my comments, and I suspect it won't be the last, but I just found this latest example rather encouraging. It's nice to know Orlowski concedes that his narcissistic dogma doesn't stand up to any scrutiny.


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Please come back to comp.os.linux.advocacy

Rumor has it you're dead, Homer.

Please say it ain't so.

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LOL! No, not dead

Just taking a long summer break, and catching up with a few things I've neglected.