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Photo May Prove Assange Innocent

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Assange Party

A photo published by the Mail Online, shows one of the two women who accused besieged Wikileaks spokesman Julian Assange of "rape", happily smiling with him at a party ... two days after he allegedly "raped" her. This casts even further doubt on what is already a highly dubious story, as it seems very unlikely that a rape victim would voluntarily attend a party with her would-be "rapist" at all, much less be smiling about it for the camera.

Although the woman, known only as "Woman A", has had her face obscured in the photo "for legal reasons", The Mail reveals she's 33 years old, which by a process of simple elimination means she must be Anna Ardin (who also goes by the pseudonym "Bernardin"), the 33 year-old militant feminist currently in hiding in the American-Israeli occupied West Bank, not her co-accuser, 28 year-old Sofia Wilén.

The basis for both women's accusations is also highly dubious. In Ardin's case her sole claim to "rape" is that Assange's condom broke during sex, and Wilén's complaint (which she only made under coercion from Ardin) is that he didn't wear one at all, but she "couldn't be bothered" telling him to put one on. Suffice it to say Sweden's "rape" laws are quite bizarre, if they seriously want to extradite Assange on the basis of something as trivial as "condom incompetence". And that's assuming any of their claims are true at all, given that Wilén's testimony was apparently "embellished" by the police, and Ardin found it necessary to subsequently delete SMS and Twitter messages to cover up her distinct lack of emotional trauma after supposedly being "raped". In fact, quite why Sweden felt it necessary to issue a European Arrest Warrant to extradite Assange in the first place is a bit of a mystery, given that they had more than adequate opportunity to question him while he was in Sweden, but chose to let him go, then bluntly refused to question him in the UK later. This is by far the most suspicious "rape" case I've ever heard of.

But then this case never had anything to do with "rape", it was fabricated entirely by the US government, to smear, incriminate and wreak revenge upon the man who exposed US military atrocities and government corruption, with the ultimate objective of extraditing him to the US via Sweden to execute him, just like they executed the Reuters photo journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen, his camera assistant Saeed Chmagh, and the father of two innocent children, aged 6 and 9, who were also sprayed with bullets and wounded in that brutal helicopter gunship attack in Baghdad (and many others besides).

It must have been a simple enough matter for the CIA to locate a suitable patsy for the job, and they certainly struck gold with a militant feminist like Ardin, who apparently has a reputation for executing "hit jobs" on men then gloating about it afterwards, as she did with Assange. The day after he supposedly "raped" her, Ardin is reported as saying to her friend Kajsa Borgnäs; "He's the worst fuck ever. But you can screw him now." It's worth noting this appeared in Borgnäs' own police testimony after she was arrested for shoplifting, but which strangely lacks any mention of "rape" - one would expect she'd find something like that important enough to mention to the police ... had it actually happened of course.

Meanwhile, Assange is under siege in the Ecuadoran embassy, having never actually been charged with any crime, other than the heinous "crime" of resisting persecution, and the UK government is wasting taxpayers' money and sorely-needed police officers guarding his only escape route, risking a diplomatic crisis in the process, for what amounts to nothing more than a case of sexual remorse.

Or so we're supposed to believe.

Unofficially, the real reason for this hysteria is actually the UK's "special relationship" with the country that created this diversionary farce in the first place, to make it all about "the rapist" ... instead of America's collateral murder of innocent civilians.