Microsoft and Channel4: Another letter of Complaint

I've just read on Digg that Channel4 are going to be offering a content download service. Great eh? Only problem is it's for Windows users only. Hmmm, maybe not so great.

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So, in that great Slated tradition, I put metaphorical pen to paper, and sent yet another "letter" of complaint ... as follows:

Microsoft bribing for positive PR ... again!

It was only one week ago, that Microsoft was left with egg on it's face, after being caught red-handed trying to bribe bloggers for positive reviews of Windows Vista, as revealed by El Reg:

Now, only a few days later, it has emerged that they are trying to bribe people again into blogging (or submitting "Wows" as they put it) in favour of Vista, with offers of prizes for the best "Wow", specifically:

"a high definition video camera, AND a seven-days trip around the world to see the most stunning vistas, including Sydney’s Harbor Bridge and Opera House, Beijing’s Great Wall, Agra’s Taj Mahal, New York’s Empire State Building and Paris’ Eiffel Tower."

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