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Can Netcraft Be Trusted?

If Netcraft is to be believed, Microsoft's IIS Web server deployment is rising rapidly, at the expense of the previous de facto standard Apache. But how accurate are those figures, and should GoDaddy parked domains, that were essentially "bought" by Microsoft (probably for no other reason than to skew Netcraft stats) even be counted? AFAIAC that is little more than cheating, but then should we be surprised ... this is Microsoft we're talking about, after all.

However, despite what Netcraft might like you to think, they do not in fact have a monopoly on site statistics, and security auditing and research company, Security Space, has a rather different story to tell.

Gateway Anti-Linux Bigotry

Here's a question for Gatway: What the Hell has the Operating System got to do with warranty support for hardware?


Installing Linux on Gateway systems VOID your warranty... - Ubuntu Forums
23 Aug 2007 13:49:53 Warren_GWPR264 says: Your inquiring if what will happen to your system's warranty if you install Linux is this correct?
23 Aug 2007 13:50:23 Linux User says: Correct, and what would happen with my support? Will I still be able to obtain support from Gateway, for hardware, etc?
23 Aug 2007 13:53:49 Warren_GWPR264 says: I am sorry if you install Linux and a hardware component of your system became defective. The warranty will not cover its part replacement or service for the system.
23 Aug 2007 13:54:33 Linux User says: Okay, well Linux is an OS, ie software, it will not cause the device to become defective. Or any sort of failure.
23 Aug 2007 13:54:59 Warren_GWPR264 says: You won't be able to get support if Linux if you installed in your system.
23 Aug 2007 13:55:18 Warren_GWPR264 says: Since Gateway only support Microsoft Operating System.
23 Aug 2007 13:56:21 Linux User says: I understand that software support is only supplied for Microsoft products, but hardware is OS/Software independent. Obviously you will not support drivers, etc for Linux. But how does the OS affect the hardware support?
23 Aug 2007 13:57:59 Warren_GWPR264 says: We won't able to trouble shoot your hardware components. Since were only given information for Microsoft Operating System. So definetly no support for your hardware components once Linux is installed.

Microsoft Xbox Kills Baby

Microsoft Xbox kills baby, burns bereaved family's house to ashes, then MS demands money.

This is without question the most morally reprehensible thing I have ever read about Microsoft, and that's saying something. Read on, if you have the stomach for it: