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Microsoft and the BBC: A letter of Complaint

The following is an actual letter (Email) of complaint, that I've just sent to the BBC. I don't think any further introduction is necessary, as it speaks for itself:

Update: show your support for this issue at

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to complain about the article entitled "A quick tour around Windows Vista", which was published on the BBC website, and to voice a general concern regarding your relationship with Microsoft - a company subject to antitrust investigations in the EU, and previously in the US.

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Fix Emacs Slow Startup

Quick tip: If you've customised Emacs in any way (fonts, colours, etc.), and subsequently found that it takes ages to start up, then exit Emacs and try this:

]# echo "(modify-frame-parameters nil '((wait-for-wm . nil)))" > ~/.emacs.tmp
]# touch ~/.emacs
]# cat ~/.emacs >>~/.emacs.tmp
]# mv -f ~/.emacs.tmp ~/.emacs

Thanks harfooz.

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How to Convert / Transcode DRM protected Video

In recent times, I made the decision to buy an iPod (in retrospect - a mistake), and then made the further mistake of signing up to Apple's iTunes Music Store, and worse still - actually bought some DRM encumbered music ... including some encrypted music videos. As you might have guessed, the novelty has well and truly worn off now.

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Linux Audio Conversion with Ruby - Walkthrough

If you've reached the stage where your digital music collection is out of control; with a multitude of different file formats, bitrates and naming conventions; then wouldn't it be great if you could get some help sorting that mess out?

On the Windows platform there are a multitude of applications that can deal with the problem, such as dbPowerAMP to name one of the better ones, but under Linux the solution is not so clear.

Now, thanks to a Ruby application called sneetchalizer (yes really!) there is a powerful automated solution to audio file format conversion, which can convert between OGG Vorbis, MP3, AAC/MP4 (or M4A as Apple calls it), WMA and others, whilst preserving the metadata tags which describe the audio file contents (known as IDv3 tags on MP3 files).

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XGL on FC5

60 second clip of XGL running on Fedora Core 5.

Guest starring VNC, VMWare running XP, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, MPlayer showing episode 6x15 of The X-Files ("Monday"), and a funky GDM theme (available on

Music by Tiësto.

NEW ... get the VHQ version of this video HERE!!! (XviD 36MB)

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