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Halo ... Goodbye, Again

The Vole sticks the knife in to yet another Halo "partner" ... oh my!

Closure of 'Halo Wars' developer shocking

09:52 AM CDT on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

By VICTOR GODINEZ / The Dallas Morning News

It's hard to believe that any developer making a game based on Halo could be shut down for financial reasons, but that's the fate awaiting Dallas-based Ensemble Studios.

Microsoft, which owns Ensemble, recently told the successful, well-regarded maker of strategy games that it will be shuttered after its newest game, Halo Wars, is finished in a few months.

Bruce Shelley, a high-profile designer at Ensemble, said on his official blog that when Microsoft delivered the bad news earlier this month, "Everyone at our studio was shocked."

First Microsoft mugs Bungie then kicks them out onto the street, and now this.

Maybe it would be a good idea for games devs to simply avoid Halo, since it seems to be as cursed as the infamous Xbox 360 itself, and its equally infamous Xbox Live service.

It hasn't exactly been a great year for the Vole, what with losing 90 Billion Dollars in the first half of the year, then another 24 Billion - in just 2 weeks - recently. Let's not even get started about their 40 Billion dollar stock buyback.

Of course, thanks to Microsoft, it's not exactly a great year for Halo developers either ... nor its fans.

But it may turn out to be the best year ever for those who want to see the end of Microsoft's reign of terror, as they pillaged and plundered their way through the IT industry, with their gangster mentality and racketeering operations. At this rate, the Vole's days of plundering may soon come to an abrupt end, and finally the industry can flourish with competition coexisting in relative harmony and parity, in a Free Market economy, rather than the Vole's current monopoly.

I live in hope.

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World Day Against Software Patents


Stop Software Patents Logo

World Day Against Software Patents - 24 September

Three years ago the European Parliament stopped the attempt to make software patents enforcable in Europe. An unprecedented community effort made it possible with a relative low awareness about the dangers among larger software companies. Since then litigation and patent traps have become a serious problem for the market and users of software. We need to reduce patent risks which impede innovation and investment.

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Non-existent Device Mapper Volumes Causing I/O Errors?

A couple of days ago I started getting these errors whenever I ran anything that scanned for logical volumes (Linux LVM2):

Buffer I/O error on device dm-6, logical block 0
Buffer I/O error on device dm-7, logical block 0
Buffer I/O error on device dm-8, logical block 0
Buffer I/O error on device dm-9, logical block 0

My first reaction was panic, as I initially believed my HDD was failing, but after some investigation I realised that the above devices simply didn't exist.

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ISPs Set To Wage Privacy War on their Own Customers

...with the government's hot and eager help, of course.
From the its-about-"terrorists"-not-copyrights...honest dept.

SSRN-The Rise and Fall of Invasive ISP Surveillance by Paul Ohm

The Rise and Fall of Invasive ISP Surveillance
Paul Ohm
University of Colorado Law School
August 30, 2008

Nothing in society poses as grave a threat to privacy as the Internet Service Provider (ISP). ISPs carry their users' conversations, secrets, relationships, acts, and omissions. Until the very recent past, they had left most of these alone because they had lacked the tools to spy invasively, but with recent advances in eavesdropping technology, they can now spy on people in unprecedented ways.

We're already starting to see this undemocratic violation of our privacy and civil-rights in the UK, with sinister initiatives like Phorm from BT (and their criminal partners, formerly known as the Spyware outfit 121Media), and more generally with the mere existence and subsequent overreaching implementation of insidious laws like the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, which are now being quite openly abused as a matter of routine investigation into non-terrorist activities.

And the impetus for this destruction of our democracy is ... paranoid and greedy media companies, a.k.a. the MAFIAA®, who "lobby" government to pervert our society for their own selfish ends. "Pervert" is very apt description of how the MAFIAA® gangsters operate, after all they are predisposed to stalking and making abusive phone calls to 10-year old girls.

In a society in which such thugs are not only tolerated, but actually supported by government, whilst that same government declares its entire population of ordinary citizens to be "guilty", and punishes them by revoking their privacy and other civil-rights, it's clear that democracy is well and truly dead.

Your ISP is at the front-line of that battle. It is the weapon the government uses to strike you down.

Don't let them.

Fight back.

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No, Steve Jobs is NOT Dead


I must admit, it simply never would have occurred to me that the Media stockpiles lists of future obituaries ... until I read this premature ejaculation by Bloomberg:

"The Bloomberg financial newswire decided to update its 17-page Steve Jobs obituary today — and inadvertently published it in the process. Some investors were undoubtedly rattled to see, as our tipster did late this afternoon, the Apple CEO's obit cross the wire and then suddenly disappear. Jobs's battle with pancreatic cancer, and speculation over his health, jarred Wall Street earlier this year and continues to be the subject of speculation."

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