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Graphics Card Prices 2018

EVGA GTX 970 SSCThis is a table of all Nvidia graphics cards currently worth considering (IMHO), along with the maximum price you should aim to pay for them. The main objective here is to find the best possible graphics card at the lowest price.

The criteria for selection is that they must be capable of playing modern AAA titles at reasonable framerates and quality settings at 1080p, or 720p at a push, where "reasonable" is at least 30fps at medium quality settings (i.e. console gaming standard). Obviously higher is better, but of course also more expensive.

The table is sorted (roughly) in ascending order of GPU performance (there's a huge variance in benchmark results), is based on a combination of ShadowTech's GPU Tier list 2017, from the Linus Tech Tips forum, and Steven Walton's comprehensive GPU benchmarks on Titanfall 2, and includes older-generation cards, as far back as the GTX 660. Anything below that is probably not very useful for modern titles, including the current-generation GT 1030, which I've only included as a baseline reference. I've also excluded everything above the GTX 1060 3GB, as the 6GB model is very poor value for money (anything up to 50% higher price, but only 5% faster performance), and everything else is just far too expensive (including the second-hand prices for the GTX 980 Ti).

Lairig Ghru, Cairngorms

Lairig Ghru
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Copyright Infringement: Taking other people's ideas without permission or attribution, then reusing them for your own purposes

Copyright: Taking other people's ideas without permission or attribution, reusing them for your own purposes, then falsely claiming to be the sole creator of the result