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Andrew Orlowski

Andrew Orlowski, looking like The Picture of Dorian Gray

I know, it seems puerile to blog about one's comments being rejected from other blogs or forums, not that this happens to me very often, mind you. After all, their blog/forum, their rules. Right?

But still...

This one is rather poignant, and deserves some attention.

For those of you who read the The Register, you'll no doubt be aware of a long-term contributor called Andrew Orlowski. To describe Orlowski as having somewhat right-wing tendencies would be, frankly, a bit of an understatement. His politics and opinions are highly offensive to anyone with even a modicum of common decency, which may be why, for the entire duration of his 11 year tenure at The Register, he conspicuously remained the only contributor to completely disable comments in his articles.

Until now.

Or rather, until this article on the 7th of July.

The event went unnoticed by me, mainly because I deliberately avoid reading his articles. Indeed, I even went so far as to create a Greasemonkey script to block his poisonous mind from ever tainting my Web browser ever again.

But then the News International scandal came along, a subject that happens to interest me greatly, because it exposes the corruption of another right-wing fanatic that I also happen to despise, Rupert Murdoch. And of course, The Register has covered the story extensively, and I've been following their coverage avidly. So when I saw an article with the curious title of "Rupert Murdoch was never Keyser Soze", naturally I was intrigued. So much so that, even when I discovered it was blocked as "bullshit by Andrew Orlowski", I unblocked it and went ahead and read it anyway.

I shouldn't have bothered.

As usual, it was just another bigoted diatribe attacking anything even remotely critical of his right-wing ideologies, in defence of one of the world's most notorious right-wing mouthpieces.

And I said so, in a comment.

Yes, a comment, because to my great surprise I found Orlowski had finally grown a pair, and enabled comments in his articles.

To be honest, I suspected my comment would be rejected, but I'm ever the optimist.

Well as should be clear by now, that comment was rejected. It wasn't much of a rant - just two short lines, and it wasn't peppered with expletives either. It was just a simple, factually accurate statement, embellished with one or two choice adjectives. Insulting, certainly, but then that's par for the course, given a typical Orlowski article.

Well anyway, here it is, so you can judge for yourself:

Shocked and amazed
Submitted at Sunday 24th July 2011 15:43 GMT
Rejected by moderator at Sunday 24th July 2011 20:29 GMT why?
MushroomThe fact that Orlowski (inventor of the term "freetards") rushes to defend Murdoch (a figurehead and mouthpiece for right-wing nuts the world over) is hardly surprising.

What REALLY surprises me is that, after more than a decade, he's finally developed the backbone to allow comments in his bigoted diatribes.

Ironic, isn't it, that a comment expressing surprise at being allowed to post comments, should be ... rejected?

Yes, highly ironic. But not exactly surprising.

It seems Orlowski's testes still have some growing to do, along with his conscience.