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BBC implies Windows Phone is "not long for this world"

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The BBC, which has been Microsoft's UK propaganda division since 2006, recently aired a programme that declares Nokia's Symbian OS is "not long for this world" because, according to BBC reporter Marc Cieslak, the market is allegedly "dominated" by, amongst other platforms, Windows Phone.

While its camera is impressive, Nokia's choice of operating system is less so. The 808 is powered by Nokia's Symbian OS, an operating system that, in a landscape dominated by iOS, Android and even Windows Phone devices, is not long for this world.

Exactly in what sense could Windows Phone, a platform with just a 1.9% global market share, be said to "dominate"?

Cieslak also "forgot" to mention that Symbian OS, which he alleges is "not long for this world", has a global market share of 11.7%, more than six times greater than Windows Phone, and yet apparently Windows Phone is worthy of being categorised as "dominant", in Cieslak's biased opinion, yet Symbian OS isn't.

Should we infer from this that Windows Phone is also "not long for this world", then?

Apparently so, according to the BBC's logic.

Frankly, even including iOS in that "domination" is a tad disingenuous, given that it only has a global market share of 23.8%, compared to Android's actually dominant 50.9%.

The MSBBC is getting worse than Faux News.