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'Makeover' plan for alleyways

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Preparing an Alleyway for Floodlighting

Pathways and alleyways are to be 'made-over' to make them safer, cleaner and more attractive.

Spaces such as children's play areas, communal walkways and pathways and alleyways behind houses have been blighted by an atmosphere of 'fear and intimidation', Home Office Minister Hazel Blears said.

Operation Gate-It has made £1.2 million available to improve lighting, design and add new gates in an effort to stop anti-social behavior.

Hazel Blears said:

"By reinvesting in these areas, through better design, lighting or simply gating them off, local people are able to reclaim these spaces for themselves and their children, and so drive out the anti-social minority."

"This builds up pride and confidence in communities and shows that people taking a stand can really make a difference."

Eighty-eight projects will benefit from today's funding. Seventy-seven new projects will each receive a grant of £10,000 and a further 11 existing projects will be awarded flagship grants of £40,000.


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No privacy for law abiding citizens

So now we're all forced to live in a land of perpetual light.

This "initiative" has caused me personal grief for the last year, thanks to my local council deciding that a path, right next to my house, needed a huge bloody light streaming over it all night.

So now, my whole house and garden are visible for miles, and I get zero privacy.

Thanks for that.