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Jono Bacon prefers Windows

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"the reason I don't use Linux today is simply because it doesn't serve my needs" ~ Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager, and Linux Format columnist.


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This entirely lacks context

This is Jono. What I said here was within the context of audio production. Today Linux indeed doesn't serve all of my needs for recording and producing my music (hardware, VST plugins/instruments) etc. So yes, I don't use Linux for audio production (or Windows...I use as Mac), but for everything else I use Linux. This quote doesn't exactly reflect this context well. ;-)

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The context is in your full statement, which I very clearly linked to.

It doesn't alter the fact that the Ubuntu Community Manager, someone who is supposed to promote the use of Linux, claims "it doesn't serve [his] needs", when in fact it very easily could if he made even the slightest effort to actually use it for that purpose, as I explained in great detail in the "full context" of my response.

I could copy and paste the entire conversation here, if you think it would help, although personally I think it would only serve to further expose your disingenuity and hypocrisy.

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"My needs"?

"it doesn't serve my needs"?

Let's suppose that's true. So "Linux" would be to blame? Free software is also about people putting efforts to get problems solved. If Jason lies in his couch while waiting that someone works for him...