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Graphics Card Prices 2018

EVGA GTX 970 SSCThis is a table of all Nvidia graphics cards currently worth considering (IMHO), along with the maximum price you should aim to pay for them. The main objective here is to find the best possible graphics card at the lowest price.

The criteria for selection is that they must be capable of playing modern AAA titles at reasonable framerates and quality settings at 1080p, or 720p at a push, where "reasonable" is at least 30fps at medium quality settings (i.e. console gaming standard). Obviously higher is better, but of course also more expensive.

The table is sorted (roughly) in ascending order of GPU performance (there's a huge variance in benchmark results), is based on a combination of ShadowTech's GPU Tier list 2017, from the Linus Tech Tips forum, and Steven Walton's comprehensive GPU benchmarks on Titanfall 2, and includes older-generation cards, as far back as the GTX 660. Anything below that is probably not very useful for modern titles, including the current-generation GT 1030, which I've only included as a baseline reference. I've also excluded everything above the GTX 1060 3GB, as the 6GB model is very poor value for money (anything up to 50% higher price, but only 5% faster performance), and everything else is just far too expensive (including the second-hand prices for the GTX 980 Ti).

If you can afford exotic cards like the £700/$800 GTX 1080 Ti, then you really don't need this list anyway, as its main purpose is to highlight the fact that second-hand, older-generation cards are often faster than current-generation cards, but at a fraction of the price.

This is also why I've excluded all Radeon cards, as their prices are (still) ridiculously high due to bitmining, a problem that has also affected Nvidia cards to a lesser extent, and had a knock-on effect on the second-hand market, producing a bizarre situation where some second-hand cards are actually selling for more than you would pay, for those exact same cards, brand new. If that situation ever changes, and anyone wants to submit table entries for Radeon cards of corresponding price/performance, then please do so in the comments section below. Be sure to include links to currently active UK retail/auction pages for verification (posting URLs requires registration).

Prices for new, current-generation cards are based on the cheapest prices found by PCPartPicker, and prices for second-hand, older-generation cards have been extrapolated according to their speed relative to adjacent cards in the hierarchy.

Note that this is therefore not realistically representative of actual second-hand prices, especially in the current, insane bitmining climate, but rather indicative of what the price ought to be according to each card's relative capabilities (or in other words it's their intrinsic value). I've therefore included a real-world price based on typical closing bid values on eBay, which may be higher or lower than the guide price.

All prices are in UK pounds sterling. If anyone wants to submit a corresponding table for US dollars or any other currency, please do so in the comments section below.

[Table values current as of 26 Dec 2017]

Update 15 Jan 2018: All current-generation GPUs are now unattainable due to either being out of stock or obscenely expensive, supposedly due to yet another cryptocurrency boom. As such I'm scratching all new cards from the table indefinitely, until their prices drop to something more reasonable, if ever.

Card Guide Price Real Price Max Power Draw Recommended PSU Power Connectors Notes
GTX 980 4GB £183 £120 - £240 165W 500W 2x 6-pin A previous-generation beast that will rip through most current-generation cards, at least the ones most of us can afford, however you really have to work hard to find a good second-hand bargain
GTX 1060 3GB £300+ Sold out and/or insanely expensive 120W 400W 1x 6-pin New. Current lowest retail price. Good GPU, however the GTX 970 is nearly as good, but for potentially much less money. The 3GB limit may also cause problems with certain modern titles, and this will only get worse over time DO NOT BUY AT THESE RIP-OFF PRICES
GTX 780 Ti 3GB £167 £100 - £180 250W 600W 1x 8-pin + 1x 6-pin Not much cheaper than a 1060 in practice, yet consumes more than double the power, with considerably slower performance. Not recommended
GTX 970 4GB £159 £80 - £195 145W 500W 2x 6-pin My personal recommendation for good performance at the price, if you can find one under £130. Gold medal winner
GTX 780 3GB £151 £70 - £200 250W 600W 1x 8-pin + 1x 6-pin Same as for the 780 Ti, only now it's also beaten by the 970. Not recommended
GTX 770 2GB £143 £45 - £155 230W 600W 1x 8-pin + 1x 6-pin Good mid-range card, comparable to the GTX 1050 Ti but potentially at a much lower price. However, beware that the 2GB limit may cause performance loss in more modern titles (4GB versions do exist, but are extremely rare), and like the 780 it's a bit of a power-sucking beast
GTX 1050 Ti 4GB £200+ Sold out and/or insanely expensive 75W 300W None New. Some benchmarks place the 1050 Ti above the 770, some below. Essentially these two cards are mostly indistinguishable in terms of performance, so just go for the cheapest, unless power consumption is a major consideration DO NOT BUY AT THESE RIP-OFF PRICES
GTX 960 4GB £119 £50 - £150 120W 400W 1x 6-pin Similarly to the 1050 Ti, some benchmarks place the 960 above the 770, some below. Essentially these three cards are indistinguishable in terms of performance, so just go for the cheapest, although the extra VRAM and lower price means the 960 takes the Silver medal in this roundup
GTX 1050 2GB £150+ Sold out and/or insanely expensive 75W 300W None New DO NOT BUY AT THESE RIP-OFF PRICES
GTX 680 2GB £97 £50 - £130 195W 550W 2x 6-pin Former champion that occasionally still manages to beat the 1050, although it's really starting to show its age now. May be worth considering if you can pick one up for less than a 670
GTX 670 2GB £91 £40 - £100 170W 500W 2x 6-pin For its age (and current low budget price), this remains an absolute beast of a card, and will inexplicably often beat much newer, more expensive cards. Low budget champion and Bronze medal winner. Highly recommended
GTX 950 2GB £85 £50 - £90 90W 350W 1x 6-pin
GTX 760 2GB £78 £40 - £120 170W 500W 2x 6-pin 4GB version also available
GTX 660 Ti 2GB £72 £40 - £130 150W 450W 2x 6-pin
GTX 660 2GB £66 £40 - £80 140W 450W 1x 6-pin Lowest spec card worth considering
GT 1030 2GB £75+ Sold out and/or insanely expensive 30W 300W None Do not buy. For reference only. Although you might be able to match the absolute minimum requirements to play AAA titles with this card, you'll have to cut down the resolution and quality settings a lot to get anywhere near 30fps. At half the price it might be worth it for a junkyard build, but at the current price it just doesn't make any sense, when you can do much better second-hand