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Copyright Hypocrisy

Copyright Carpetbagger Dear Andrew Orlowski,

Spot the difference...

Copyright Infringement: Taking other people's ideas without permission or attribution, then reusing them for your own purposes

Copyright: Taking other people's ideas without permission or attribution, reusing them for your own purposes, then falsely claiming to be the sole creator of the result

N.B. This (and all other published works) is automatically copyrighted pursuant to the terms of the Berne Convention, regardless of whether or not I want it to be, without option or recourse. The copyright notice on this site merely serves to clarify that I am subjugated by the law against my will, and that in order to mitigate the immoral consequences of a law over which I have no control, I am forced to choose a license for that work which undermines the monopolistic and plagiaristic intent of the law, which in this case is the Creative Commons. Neither I nor anyone else throughout the entire history of this planet has ever created anything that was not in some way drawn from existing works, and therefore I disavow any claim to being the sole creator (i.e. "copyright owner") of this or any other works, even if the law disagrees and chooses to lie on my behalf.