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Live Linux system recovery app aims for April release

RestoreIT Screenshot

FarStone Technology will introduce what it claims is the first-ever live system and data recovery application available for desktop Linux in mid-April. RestoreIT will restore a user's data -- or an entire system -- that has been damaged or lost due to computer errors, viruses, or other common mishaps, spokesman Bob Menzies told on Wednesday.

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AT&T Seeks to Hide Spy Docs

By Ryan Singel
11:00 AM Apr, 12, 2006

AT&T is seeking the return of technical documents presented in a lawsuit that allegedly detail how the telecom giant helped the government set up a massive internet wiretap operation in its San Francisco facilities.

In papers filed late Monday, AT&T argued that confidential technical documents provided by an ex-AT&T technician to the Electronic Frontier Foundation shouldn't be used as evidence in the case and should be returned.

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Telescopes 'worthless' by 2050

Owl, Eso

Ground-based astronomy could be impossible in 40 years because of pollution from aircraft exhaust trails and climate change, an expert says.

Aircraft condensation trails - known as contrails - can dissipate, becoming indistinguishable from other clouds.

If trends in cheap air travel continue, says Professor Gerry Gilmore, the era of ground astronomy may come to an end much earlier than most had predicted.

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'Makeover' plan for alleyways

Preparing an Alleyway for Floodlighting

Pathways and alleyways are to be 'made-over' to make them safer, cleaner and more attractive.

Spaces such as children's play areas, communal walkways and pathways and alleyways behind houses have been blighted by an atmosphere of 'fear and intimidation', Home Office Minister Hazel Blears said.

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Adobe gets Spry about AJAX

Adobe gets Spry about AJAX - Lot easier to code than traditional approaches.
Sometimes it seems that you’ve waited ages for an AJAX framework to come along, and then suddenly there’s a whole queue of them lined up, ready for testing. The latest to join the line up is Macromedia - sorry, Adobe now - with its Spry AJAX framework, which you can download here.… [El Reg]

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