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Copyright is Not Property

An excellent article from Techdirt, postulating that the idea of so-called "Intellectual Property" is completely bogus.

Techdirt: Another Look At The 'Does File Sharing Equal Stealing?' Question

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Microsoft: still a bunch of gangsters

PlexNex: Microsoft Concedes They've Been Cheeting All Along

Joe Wilcox hits it hard -- all good wood -- in his spot on assessment of the shadow interoperability measures just announced which were supposed to rock our world ...

Ozzie said that the information disclosure demonstrates "our
commitment to an open and level playing field." I find the statement

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Gnome Accelerates Poisoning of Free Software

Mono = Microsoft Monopoly
It seems like my morbid predictions that Free Software will be fatally poisoned by Mono, are becoming more and more true by the day. The next victim, apparently, is D-Bus:

::: Planète Béranger :::

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Free Software Set To Be Further Poisoned With Mono?

You may recall that I posted an article last year, voicing my concerns that Fedora (and indeed most distros) was being slowly poisoned by Microsoft's encumbered C# technology, in the  form of Mono. Well now it seems that Beagle (Novell/Gnome search tool) developer, Debajyoti Bera, wants to extend that infestation even further, by converting Beagle's support libraries to Mono too.

d-Tech-t: Open letter to OpenSUSE users

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Apple Kill QuickTime With DRM, Then Censor Complaints

Oh dear, the MacHeads are not happy bunnies...

Looks like a recent update to QuickTime has introduced some kind of DRM enforcement, that effectively renders it useless (pun intended).

Worse still, complaints about this update are being censored on Apple's support forums.

Apple - Support - Discussions - After QT7.4, AE error-you do not have ...

It seems that Apple has deleted (again) one part of this discussion...

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