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Apple Kill QuickTime With DRM, Then Censor Complaints

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Oh dear, the MacHeads are not happy bunnies...

Looks like a recent update to QuickTime has introduced some kind of DRM enforcement, that effectively renders it useless (pun intended).

Worse still, complaints about this update are being censored on Apple's support forums.

Apple - Support - Discussions - After QT7.4, AE error-you do not have ...

It seems that Apple has deleted (again) one part of this discussion...
Whatever, the problem isn't solved at all.
I assume there is a HUGE problem with this QT update seeing the tons of post around the web.
This is certainly a permission problem again.
Hey Apple, wake up!

Way to go Apple.

And after Messiah Jobs giving speeches about how eViL DRM is, to convince EMI to sell DRM-free mp3s.

As Jobs might say ... "amazing!"

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