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KDBUS To Be Included In The Linux 4.1 Kernel

Phoronix - Mon, 13/04/2015 - 7:26pm
After being in development for years, KDBUS has been called for integration into the Linux 4.1 kernel by Greg Kroah-Hartman...

Briny Water May Pool In Mars' Equatorial Soil

Slashdot - Mon, 13/04/2015 - 7:13pm
astroengine writes Mars may be a frigid desert, but perchlorate salts in the planet's soil are lowering the freezing temperature of water, setting up conditions for liquid brines to form at equatorial regions, new research from NASA's Curiosity rover shows. The discovery of subsurface water, even a trickle, around the planets warmer equatorial belt defies current climate models, though spacecraft orbiting Mars have found geologic evidence for transient liquid water, a phenomenon termed "recurring slope lineae." The findings, published in this week's Nature Geoscience, are based on nearly two years worth of atmospheric humidity and temperature measurements collected by the roving science laboratory Curiosity, which is exploring an ancient impact basin called Gale Crater near the planet's equator. The brines, computer models show, form nightly in the upper 2 inches of the planet's soil as perchlorates absorb atmospheric water vapor. As temperatures rise in the morning, the liquid evaporates. The levels of liquid, however, are too low to support terrestrial-type organisms, the researchers conclude. "It is not just a problem of water, but also temperature. The water activity and temperatures are so low in Mars that they are beyond the limits of cell reproduction and metabolism," Javier Martin-Torres, with Lulea University of Technology, in Kiruna, Sweden, wrote in an email to Discovery News.

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Backdoor bot brains snatched after cops, white hats raid servers

El Reg - Mon, 13/04/2015 - 6:55pm
Password-stealing, malware-spreading Simda nasty found on 770,000 PCs

Microsoft and Interpol have teamed up to derail a malware infection that compromised more than 770,000 Windows PCs worldwide.…