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Cinnamon 2.6 – a Linux desktop for Windows XP refugees

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 10:42am
Dual monitor support, better panels, and improvements in speed

Review  Cinnamon is best known as one of the two default desktops for Linux Mint, which is fast approaching its next major update. Mint 17.2 will include the brand new Cinnamon 2.6, just released, when delivered later this year.…

Early USB Type-C devices won't offer significant speed boosts over USB 3.0

L'Inq - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 10:37am

Integral spills the beans on the great USB misdirection

EU legal eagles to vote on lonely pirate Reda's copyright report

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 10:19am
Yarr! There's 550 amendments seeking to water down me beauty, says MEP

The legal affairs committee of the European Parliament will vote today on Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda’s controversial copyright report.…

Bing will move to TLS encryption by default this summer

L'Inq - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 9:58am

Spells 816 T7OU813 for its rivals

Ready to go again, soldier? <i>Final Fantasy VII</i> remake revealed

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 9:57am
Square Enix unveils PS4 reboot of revered series

E3 2015  Game studio Square Enix has announced it is remaking the groundbreaking role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII.…

Hackers serve password manager LastPass a slice of irony

L'Inq - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 9:33am

Firm advises users to change their master passwords

Corrective lenses needed for Gartner's flashy array vision

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 9:28am
Dell and HDS missing from excessively proscriptive market snapshot

Comment  Gartner's gnomes gnosticated on all flash array sales (AFA) and revenues recently. Dell did not appear at all in its charts or revenue numbers and neither did HDS, leading us to suppose Dell revenues were lower than any of the eight AFA vendors mentioned. Yes, really.…

Malware Attacks Give Criminals 1,425% Return On Investment

Slashdot - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 9:26am
An anonymous reader writes: Trustwave released a new report which reveals the top cybercrime, data breach and security threat trends. According to their findings, attackers receive an estimated 1,425 percent return on investment for exploit kit and ransomware schemes ($84,100 net revenue for each $5,900 investment). Retail was the most compromised industry making up 43 percent of investigations followed by food and beverage (13 percent) and hospitality (12 percent).

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

A server apocalypse can come in different shapes and sizes. Be prepared

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 9:01am
Plan Bs, from corrupted data to pandemics

I run into the same misconceptions about business continuity on an almost daily basis. “We’ve already got backups, so why would we need to have a disaster recovery site as well?,” comes up with alarming regularity, as does: “We spent tens of thousands on a disaster recovery site, so why did we have that four-minute outage – why didn’t we switch over to DR and get our money’s worth?”…

Xbox One will soon be able to play Xbox 360 games

L'Inq - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 8:59am

Microsoft takes the fight to Sony with backwards compatability feature

Euro Commish OKs €3bn German broadband aid scheme

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 8:32am
Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit — und Internet natürlich

Germany has got the green light from the European Commission to push ahead with a publicly funded scheme to roll out next generation access (NGA) broadband networks.…

Testing Windows 10 on Surface 3: Perfect combo or buggy embuggerance?

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 8:02am
Desktop friendly release makes you wish for Windows 8

Microsoft's new Surface 3 tablet should be the perfect hardware for Windows 10, set to be released on 29 July. We put it to the test.…

VMware's got SaaS – and you – surrounded with SSOaaS

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 7:41am
That's Single Sign On as a Service from the cloud, to your mobe, and in IBM+Apple's face

VMware's ever-expanding end-user computing and cloud portfolios have embiggened, again, with the advent of a new single sign-on product called VMware Identity Manager.…

Blackhats exploiting MacKeeper hole to foist dangerous trojan

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 7:21am
Peskware now net nasty

Last month's MacKeeper vulnerability is now being exploited in the wild to hijack Apple machines, according to BAE security researcher Sergei Shevchenko.…

Asigra's fast BaaS on-ramp for Cloud Service Providers

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 7:01am
Customers can get payback 'in a few months'

Managed and cloud service providers have a lightning fast on-ramp to providing backup services via three Asigra appliances.…

Skype For Web Beta Goes Worldwide

Slashdot - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 7:01am
SmartAboutThings writes: Just days after offering a limited beta release of Skype for Web to customers in the U.S. and UK, Microsoft has made the beta available to users from all over the world. The expansion adds support for: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

British banks consider emoji as password replacement

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 6:33am
All the cool kids are doing it and better security would put a ಠ_ಠ on your face

British outfit Intelligent Environments says it in discussions with online banks to sell what it says is the first authentication scheme to replace passwords with emojis.…

Zionists stole my SHOE, claims Muslim campaigner

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 6:02am
'Of course, I cant prove anything ... that's part of the intimidation'

Sometimes there's only one rational explanation for not finding your shoe: obviously, Zionists working within a global conspiracy must have taken it.…

Samsung slings simoleans at Sigfox for things-on-cells standard

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 5:32am
Yay, another connectivity-for-things protocol

Samsung has become the latest backer of French company Sigfox, which is trying to pitch an IoT-over-cellular protocol for low-throughput communications.…

Belgium privacy commish ambushes Facebook with lawsuit

El Reg - Tue, 16/06/2015 - 5:03am
'Cannot continue to negotiate' with ad-slinging stalker

Facebook won't quit stalking people who aren't its users, so after months of wrangling, Belgium's Privacy Commissioner is pressing ahead with a lawsuit against The Social NetworkTM.…

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