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Dark Matter Grows Hair Around Stars and Planets

Slashdot - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 10:15am
StartsWithABang writes: Dark matter may make up 27% of the Universe's energy density, compared to just 5% of normal (atomic) matter, but in our Solar System, it's notoriously sparse. In particular, there's just a nanogram's worth per cubic kilometer, which makes the fact that we've never directly detected it seem inevitable. But recent work has demonstrated that Earth and all the planets leave a "wake" of dark matter where the density is enhanced by a billion times or more. Time to go put those dark matter detectors where they belong: in the path of these dark matter hairs.

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Apple buys Star Wars motion capture outfit Faceshift in VR push

L'Inq - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 10:14am

Firm eyes up Facebook, Google and Microsoft

Telecity fails with car park net rescue plan. In fact, things got worse. Again

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 10:03am
'Seamless' power transfer borked all the juice supplies

Internet hub Telecity has failed to overcome the recent power fault responsible for frying computer hardware and denting UK internet traffic.…

Google says it tried to preempt EU antitrust probe. That worked well

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 9:33am
We're just so full of awesomeness even the nerdy kids want to regulate us

Google has said it took measures to preempt the lengthy antitrust probes currently being carried out by the European Commission. Oddly, that approach failed.…

TalkTalk hack: Police arrest fifth suspect as fallout continues

L'Inq - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 9:21am

18-year-old man from south Wales held on suspicion of blackmail

Microsoft Windows: The Next 30 Years

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 8:57am
Is Satya Redmond's Atatürk? Or พระบาทสมเด็จพระปรมินทรมหาจุฬาลงกรณ์ พระจุลจอมเกล้าเจ้าอยู่หัว ?

Analysis  Windows anniversaries are a bit like Halloween. You can bring out a Vista or Windows Me to scare the children into bed on time. Microsoft Windows turned 30 this month, and blogs are full of nostalgia.…

Grow up, judge tells EFF: You’re worse than a complaining child

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 8:28am
Slacktivist setback

A district judge last week denied two activist groups the chance to file a supporting motion in a copyright case. In a stinging and derisive rejoinder, he compared their complaints to those of a spoilt boy.…

Why Microsoft yanked its latest Windows 10 update download: It hijacked privacy settings

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 8:08am
Update now fixed, we're told

Microsoft withdrew downloads for its latest official edition of Windows 10, version 1511, after it meddled with people's privacy settings.…

Windows 10 Fall Update Uninstalls Desktop Software Without Informing Users

Slashdot - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 7:10am
ourlovecanlastforeve sends this report from Martin Brinkmann of gHacks: Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system may uninstall programs — desktop programs that is — from the computer after installation of the big Fall update that the company released earlier this month. I noticed the issue on one PC that I upgraded to Windows 10 Version 1511 but not on other machines. The affected PC had Speccy, a hardware information program, installed and Windows 10 notified me after the upgrade that the software had been removed from the system because of incompatibilities. There was no indication beforehand that something like this would happen, and what made this rather puzzling was the fact that a newly downloaded copy of Speccy would install and run fine on the upgraded system. An IT Director I know had this happen with ESET antivirus as well, on multiple computers. He says fixes have been rolled out for both TH2 and the antivirus software to prevent this from happening. Other reports mention CPU-Z, AMD's Catalyst Control Center, and CPUID as software that's being automatically uninstalled.

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EMC mess sends New Zealand University TITSUP for two days

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 7:07am
The more EMC tried to fix it, the worse things became

Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, experienced two days of Total Inability To Support Usual Performance (TITSUP) after failures in its EMC equipment.…

Cartoon brings proper tech-talk to telly

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 6:58am
Amazing Gumball character 'bypassed storage controller, decrypted disks, accessed ESXi server cluster'

Technology on the telly is often made-up rubbish: every CCTV camera in the world is online, progress bars never pause, passwords can be brute-forced in moments and mobile phones never drop out unless faults enhance the dramatic effect. The language used to describe it is worse: the likes of CSI:Cyber routinely make stuff up. And don't get us started on Stephen Fry.…

Mincing Nokia's factories made Microsoft a sausage factory

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 6:31am
Redmond's diversity report reveals women bore brunt of 'restructure of phone business'

Microsoft's revealed that gutting Nokia has made a dent in its diversity data.…

Hacker predicts AMEX card numbers, bypasses chip and PIN

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 6:03am
Easy algorithm and US$10 bork-box mean fun for fraudsters

Brainiac hacker Samy Kamkar has developed a US$10 gadget that can predict and store hundreds of American Express credit cards and use them for wireless transactions, even at non-wireless payment terminals.…

The Tamagochi Singularity Made Real: Infinite Tamagochi Living On the Internet

Slashdot - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 5:09am
szczys writes: Everyone loves Tamagochi, the little electronic keychains spawned in the '90s that let you raise digital pets. Some time ago, XKCD made a quip about an internet-based matrix of thousands of these digital entities. That quip is now a reality thanks to elite hardware hacker Jeroen Domburg (aka Sprite_TM). In his recent talk called "The Tamagochi Singularity" at the Hackaday SuperConference he revealed that he had built an infinite network of virtual Tamagochi by implementing the original hardware as a virtual machine. This included developing AI to keep them happy, and developing a protocol to emulate their IR interactions. But he went even further, hacking an original keychain to use wirelessly as a console which can look in on any of the virtual Tamagochi living on his underground network. This full-stack process is unparalleled in just about every facet: complexity, speed of implementation, awesome factor, and will surely spark legions of other Tamagochi Matrices.

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Second Dell backdoor root cert found

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 5:00am
Blackhats, head straight to the airport lounge.

A second root certificate has been found in new Dell laptops days after the first backdoor was revealed.…

On iFixit and the Right To Repair

Slashdot - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 3:05am
Jason Koebler writes: Motherboard sent a reporter to the Electronics Reuse Convention in New Orleans to investigate the important but threatened world of smartphone and electronics repair. As manufacturers start using proprietary screws, offer phone lease programs and use copyright law to threaten repair professionals, the right-to-repair is under more threat than ever. "That Apple and other electronics manufacturers don't sell repair parts to consumers or write service manuals for them isn't just annoying, it's an environmental disaster, [iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens] says. Recent shifts to proprietary screws, the ever-present threat of legal action under a trainwreck of a copyright law, and an antagonistic relationship with third-party repair shops shows that the anti-repair culture at major manufacturers isn't based on negligence or naiveté, it's malicious."

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Amazon resets account passwords feared compromised – report

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 2:58am
Book baron keeps mum about reason for emergency emails

Amazon.com appears to be asking some of its customers to reset passwords after a breach of some sort.…

The Current State Of Pyston As An Open-Source, High Performance Python

Phoronix - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 1:51am
A status update concerning the Dropbox-sponsored Pyston project was presented earlier this month...

Tor Project: Anonymity ain't free, folks. Pony up

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 1:44am
Privacy network passes around the hat

The programmers behind internet privacy tool Tor are asking supporters to donate money to bankroll future development.…

Dell computers bundled with backdoor that blurts hardware fingerprint to websites

El Reg - Wed, 25/11/2015 - 1:18am
How it works

Analysis  Dell ships Windows computers with software that lets websites slurp up the machine's exact specifications, warranty status, and other details without the user knowing.…

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