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Updated: 1 hour 10 min ago

NSA is accused of sneaking backdoors into hardware exports

Tue, 13/05/2014 - 10:09am

Pot has been calling the kettle black

Motorola unveils £89 Moto E smartphone with Android 4.4 Kitkat

Tue, 13/05/2014 - 9:42am

Alongside an upgrade Moto G with 4G and microSD support

Microsoft upgrades Azure cloud security to fight cyber thieves and data saboteurs

Tue, 13/05/2014 - 9:15am

Promises anti-malware and disaster recovery services at Teched 2014

Privacy International wins victory over HMRC in spy technology sales case

Tue, 13/05/2014 - 8:45am

Refusing to comment is not responsive government, said the court

Xperia Z2 vs Galaxy Note 3 video

Tue, 13/05/2014 - 7:25am

We pit Sony's latest flagship handset against one of its big-screened rivals