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Updated: 38 min 52 sec ago

Auntie sh!tcans BBC Store after 18 months

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 2:29pm
Customers offered Amazon vouchers or a full refund

The Beeb is to shut its online paid-for streaming service BBC Store from November, just 18 months after it launched.…

NHS Digital stopped short of advising against paying off WannaCrypt

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 2:04pm
Trusts may have had corrupted backups... or none at all

NHS Digital stopped short of advising health organisations in England not to cough up for the WannaCrypt ransom attack because it couldn't be certain that all hospitals had backed up patient records.…

EU pegs quota for 'homegrown' content on Netflix at 30 per cent

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 1:34pm
Streaming service argues it'll result in lower quality work

The European Parliament has set content quotas for OTT video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime even higher than the Commission originally wanted. 30 per cent of the services' catalog must be European works, Parliament has decreed.…

Drones over London caused aviation chaos, pilots' reports reveal

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 1:01pm
Heathrow flights were diverted to avoid errant UAVs

A pair of errant drones over East London caused so much airspace disruption that flights to Heathrow had to be diverted for fear of collision, it has emerged.…

Nokia's retro revival 3310 goes on sale and disappears immediately

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 12:29pm
People must really love Snake

If you blinked, you missed it.…

Info commish: One year to go and businesses still not ready for GDPR

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 12:03pm
Thought £400k TalkTalk fine was big? Try €20m

Companies are unprepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force a year today, and some small businesses "might not even know" a new regime is looming, the UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has warned.…

Lenovo UK boss pulls the chain, flushes himself out of there

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 11:42am
Wang gets the call to arms, stands to attention

Exclusive  Lenovo UK boss John Harber has quit just 15 months after taking the hot seat, El Reg can confirm.…

'Cloak and dagger' vuln rolls critical hit against latest Android versions

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 11:08am
Malicious combination of legitimate permissions

Updated  A distinct class of Android vulnerability has been unearthed by computer scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.…

The joy and the pain of buying IT

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 10:02am
Those bloody procurement guys did what?

Study  You, dear readers, continually tell us in surveys how hard it is to get the investment needed to help you do your jobs effectively. Regardless of the topic – core infrastructure, middleware, management tools, etc – it’s common to hear stories of execs not "getting it", while expecting IT to muddle through as more pressure is piled onto already stretched teams.…

Distro watch for Ubuntu lovers: What's ahead in Linux land

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 9:01am
Elementary OS, my dear penguin?

With the death of Unity, Canonical will focus more attention on Ubuntu servers, Ubuntu in the cloud and Ubuntu in the so-called Internet of Things.…

Industrial Light & Magic: 40 years of Lucas's pioneering FX-wing

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 8:38am
The roots of multithreaded rendering software

Star Wars New Hope @ 40  In the 40 years since the release of the original Star Wars, special effects have changed beyond recognition.…

Your roadmap to the Google vs Oracle Java wars

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 8:01am
'It is happening again'

Analysis  The final lap nears in Oracle's epic seven year battle with Google over Java. It's reached the Federal Appeals Circuit, where Oracle is confident that three appeals judges with a strong track record of upholding IP will decide in its favour.…

RightNow founder turned politician gets assault charge after 'bodyslamming' reporter

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 7:32am
Greg Gianforte loses it on election eve

Until Wednesday, Greg Gianforte's life had followed a lovely script: he twice sold software companies for millions, the second time for US$1.5bn when Oracle acquired CRM company RightNow Technologies.…

DARPA orders spaceplane capable of 10 launches in 10 days

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 7:00am
Boeing to build 'Phantom Express' on heir to Space Shuttle's main engine

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has commissioned Boeing to build a spaceplane capable of 10 launches in 10 days.…

UK ministers to push anti-encryption laws after election

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 6:30am
Anger over Manchester attack may play a part

The UK government will push through orders next month to force all communications companies including Google and Facebook to break data encryption.…

Orbital boffins cut four years off NASA mission to shiniest object in the Solar System

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 6:00am
16 Psyche mission takes a great leap forward

NASA has come up with a cunning plan that will allow it to shave four years of flight time off its mission to the biggest chunk of visible iron in the Solar System, and will use souped-up solar power to get there.…

Apple asks FCC to let it run mm-wave tests - for backhaul?!

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 5:01am
No, Apple is not practicing to be carrier. This is how you horn in on 5G

Apple has filed a request with the United States Federal Communications Commission FCC to run wireless tests in spectrum bands associated with 5G.…

Windows is now built on Git, but Microsoft has found some bottlenecks

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 4:00am
300 GB repo handles 8,421 pulls and 1,760 official builds a day, more once GVFS fix is in

Microsoft has adopted Git to manage the vast collection of code that is Windows' source, and has shared performance issues it's had to fix along the way.…

Ransomware hits Australian hospitals after botched patch

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 3:18am
WannaCry? Minister says data is safe, so save your tears for now

Hospitals connected to Australian State of Queensland's integrated electronic medical record system (ieMR) are suffering outages attributed to patching against a ransomware attack.…

Rackspace demotes a CEO to hire a CEO to replace CEO who quit

Thu, 25/05/2017 - 3:01am
Former HO and EMC man Joe Eazor gets the job of completing conversion to services company

Rackspace has named Joe Eazor as its new CEO, replacing the departing Taylor Rhodes and interim CEO Jeff Cotten.…