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Updated: 57 min 54 sec ago

NASA charges up 18-prop electric X-plane

14 hours 39 min ago
Battery-powered 'Sceptor' set for 2019 launch

NASA is working towards getting an electric-powered multiprop experimental aircraft off the ground, with an eye to future "greater fuel efficiency, improved performance and ride quality and aircraft noise reduction".…

Getting a grip on Puppet: A guide for beginners

14 hours 52 min ago
We're not just stringing you along...

QA's Kat McIvor will be taking to the stage at Continuous Lifecycle London to talk about automating security. But her skills don't end there. If config management's your thing, here's Kat's take on getting started with Puppet.

HPE beefs up entry MSA with a bit of flash

15 hours 12 min ago
SSD price cuts and a denser filer make up a satisfying trifecta

HPE has added SSDs to its entry-level MSA array, re-priced some SSDs, and brought out a new, denser filer, all intended to help customers with limited budgets.…

Virgin Media spoof email mystery: Customers take to Facebook

15 hours 35 min ago
ISP: There has been no breach, no idea what you mean

Customers of Virgin Media who are increasingly convinced their service provider has been victim of a security breach have formed a Facebook group to share their experiences and push for answers.…

Don't you see these simple facts? Destroy Facebook and restore human Liberty

15 hours 55 min ago
This man is really sick, sick, sick, sick, sick

FoTW  What could be more warmly received on this brisk winter's day than a delicious, heartfelt bellow of rage from a Commentard who could bear it no more.…

Intelligence Committee marks Gov's Snoopers' Charter: See me after class

16 hours 18 min ago
Needs more clarity, Theresa, but otherwise a very good effort

The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament has warned the Government that it needs to make "substantive amendments" to its draft Investigatory Powers Bill, before proceeding to outline changes which don't appear to be very "substantive" at all.…

Irish kids get first-person view of 1916 uprising... via Minecraft

16 hours 33 min ago
Grainy B&W pics and footage just don’t cut it - we want pixels

Irish schoolchildren will no longer have to experience the Republic’s blood and fire birth through grainy black-and-white pics and film reels - they can experience it through the full colour lumpenly pixelated reality of Minecraft instead.…

Violin Memory offers starter kits to tempt flash storage virgins

17 hours 1 min ago
Step right up and get your two million IOPS bundle

Violin Memory has two flash array starter bundles to give enterprises "an easy and affordable way" into all-flash array performance.…

DataGravity CEO, on layoffs: A little pruning doesn't hurt

17 hours 33 min ago
Unless you're the one being pruned. Not that he'd know

Comment  Fresh fruit blosssoms on new wood and a little pruning doesn't hurt. So said John Joseph, DataGravity's president and founder as he discussed the recent headcount reduction.…

Private clouds kinda suck, you know?

17 hours 55 min ago
Enterprises want them, but they're still a pain in the ASCII

Sysadmin Blog  Are enterprises really starting to act like service providers? If you ask vendors, social media and "thought influencers" hired to speak at conferences, the answer is yes. I'm not so sure.…

Ballmer schools SatNad on Microsoft's mobile strategy: You need one

18 hours 20 min ago
Otherwise, everything's just fine and dandy

The world’s wealthiest activist shareholder, Steve Ballmer, has offered another critique of Microsoft, the company he helped build.…

What took you so long, Twitter? Micro blogging site takes on the trolls

18 hours 34 min ago
U mad bro?

Twitter is seeking to stamp out the anonymous bullies and trolls who blight the “social” media site. Today the company announced the Twitter Trust & Safety Council, comprising more than 40 organisations and outside experts.…

Actifio CEO talks about growth, quietly sacks bunch of staff

19 hours 1 min ago
Copy data reducing startup goes into staff reducing mode

Copy data reduction startup Actifio has laid off some staff, the fifth storage startup we've heard about this month to do so.…

Silent Nork satellite tumbling in orbit

19 hours 19 min ago
Pyongyang not yet ready to nuke California

North Korean "Earth observation" satellite Kwangmyongsong-4 is "tumbling in orbit", according to US officials, suggesting a second failure by Pyongyang to get a functioning satellite aloft.…

Amazon UK boss is 'most powerful' man in food and drink

19 hours 36 min ago
We will, we will rock you

"He doesn’t run any supermarkets and his market share in groceries is minuscule. But Chris North gives grocery the shivers.”…

Imation: Data storage? No, come to us for, er, investment advice

19 hours 59 min ago
Hands out cash for activist investor's fund to manage, too

Analysis  Activist investor-controlled Imation is setting up an investment advisor subsidiary and putting $20m into an offshore investment fund controlled by the activist investor controlling Imation.…

Russian ATM-popping gang used nation state cybercrook tactics

20 hours 20 min ago
Be very slow with the brute force, Igor. Three times a week, only on Saturdays

Cybercrooks are increasingly adopting tactics from more advanced hackers in order to steal millions of dollars from banks and other financial institutions.…

Ex-TalkTalker TalkTalks: Records portal had shared password. It was 4 years old

20 hours 36 min ago
Is that how crims nicked the engineers' data?

Exclusive  Fraudsters who attempted to scam TalkTalk customers by using records of their maintenance engineer visits are thought to have bought that info from current or former staff.…

Dell PowerEdge R730: <i>Reg</i> rack monkeys crack smiles over kindness of engineers

21 hours 51 sec ago
Steady on: Nothing shocking, but it's good kit nonetheless

Review  Dell is a company with many arms: it does servers, laptops, desktops and like its competitors, tries to have those arms positioned in as many different areas of IT as possible. The server arm has extended us a Poweredge R730 2U server to review and it has served as a good reminder of why Dell servers are so popular.…

Canonical reckons Android phone-makers will switch to Ubuntu

21 hours 15 min ago
Desktop Linux to spring Google's OEM prisoner partners

Canonical is courting Google’s Android partners in the hope they'll break ranks with the Chocolate Factory and deliver devices powered by Ubuntu.…