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Updated: 1 hour 9 min ago

Reminder: Vast majority of serfs toiling away as Mechanical Turks for megabucks Amazon earn less than min wage

1 hour 25 min ago
$2 an hour? Jeez, thanks, Jeff

People wanted for tedious work. Low wages, variable hours, location flexible. Career growth doubtful. Not much in the way of recognition or thanks.…

Microsoft plans Hyper-V-and-other-clouds-to-Azure migration tool

2 hours 8 min ago
VMware-to-Azure was just the beginning

Microsoft has revealed the Azure Migrate tool it announced as supporting lift and shift from on-prem vSphere to Azure will also become capable of doing the same for on-premises Hyper-V applications and applications in rival clouds. But the company’s stayed schtum about the identity of the mystery VMware partner that has helped it build its bare metal VMware service in Azure.…

Google boffins tease custom AI math-chip TPU2 stats: 45 TFLOPS, 16GB HBM, benchmarks

2 hours 45 min ago
Missing key info, take with a pinch of salt, YMMV

If you've been curious about the potential performance of Google's TPU2 – its second-generation custom neural-network math acceleration chip – well, here's an early Christmas present.…

nbn™tries to ease peak hour crunch with cheaper bundles

4 hours 19 min ago
50 Mbps / 100 Mbps now bundle CVC capacity

nbn™ has announced new wholesale bundles it hopes will overcome the despised peak-hour crush: a 50 Mbps access product with 2 Mbps of CVC traffic in the bundle; and a 100 Mbps access product with 2.5 Mbps of CVC.…

FBI tells Jo(e) Sixpack to become an expert in IoT security

4 hours 33 min ago
It's also accidentally written the syllabus for a 'Home IoT Network Engineer' course

Internet of Things users need to become sysadmins, America's Federal Bureau of Investigation says.…

Checkmate: DeepMind's AlphaZero AI clobbered rival chess app on non-level playing, er, board

5 hours 23 min ago
Good effort but the games were seemingly rigged

Analysis  DeepMind claimed this month its latest AI system – AlphaZero – mastered chess and Shogi as well as Go to "superhuman levels" within a handful of hours.…

OK, OK, MIRA-I DID IT: Botnet-building compsci kid comes clean

8 hours 15 min ago
Jha rule-breaker and pals confess IoT gadget hack crimes, now facing the slammer

A former New Jersey college student has copped to helping create and run the massive Mirai DDoS botnet.…

Google lies about click-fraud refunds and tried to destroy us – ad biz

8 hours 45 min ago
Web giant accused in court of withholding money

AdTrader, an online ad agency, has accused Google of reneging on promised ad payments, stealing clients, and fraud.…

Critical US mass spying program scrutiny lost amid partisan nonsense

9 hours 41 min ago
Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh but her emails! And those texts!

Analysis  In two weeks, a US law authorizing one of Uncle Sam's crucial mass snooping programs will expire.…

IBM reminds staff not to break customers in pre-Xmas fix-this-now rush

11 hours 16 min ago
Australian tentacle has mucked things up at bank and border security agency

Bosses at IBM's Australian outpost have been forced to remind staff to do their best work during the pre-Christmas rush – that time of year when outsourced clients want a lot of stuff done in a hurry before much of the world shuts down to overeat.…

Australian central bank says 'speculative mania' and crime fuel Bitcoin

12 hours 30 min ago
Why use a slow expensive risky currency when you can do real-time bank-to-bank transfers?

The governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia has opined that cryptocurrencies are most useful “to those who want to make transactions in the black or illegal economy, rather than everyday transactions” and concluded that current enthusiasm for the instruments therefore “feels more like a speculative mania than it has to do with their use as an efficient and convenient form of electronic payment.”…

Continuous Lifecycle 2018: Keynotes, speakers and earlybirds

13 hours 34 min ago
Save now, learn later

EVENTS  If embracing Continuous Delivery of DevOps is on your New Year’s resolution list, you can get a head start by wrapping up your Continuous Lifecycle London 2018 tickets now - and save a stack of cash into the bargain.…

Auto auto fleets to dodge British potholes in future

14 hours 4 min ago
Happy with this Utopian vision of the driverless future? Tell the Highways Agency

A Highways Agency report suggests that cars of the future could report road potholes automatically, with fleets of auto autos being instructed to swerve around them without human intervention.…

FREE zero-day for every reader: AT&T's DirecTV kit has a root hole – and no one wants to patch it

14 hours 28 min ago
echo "Bot herders will love"; cat /etc/passwd #

AT&T's DirecTV wireless kit has an embarrassing vulnerability in its firmware that can be trivially exploited by miscreants and malware to install hidden backdoors on the home network equipment, according to a security researcher.…

Barclays bank bod in the cooler for aiding Dridex money launderers

15 hours 11 min ago
Six years's porridge. Dridex not a laundry soap – it's a Trojan

An employee of Barclays Bank who laundered thousands of pounds on behalf of Moldovan cybercriminals was yesterday sentenced to six years and four months behind bars in Blighty.…

No one saw it coming: Rubin's Essential phone considered anything but

15 hours 26 min ago
Paltry 50,000 sold, according to camera app download stats

Andy Rubin's ambitions to create a new consumer electronics ecosystem are floundering at base camp. Sales of Essential's phone, which forms a key part of the strategy, are tepid.…

Former ZX Spectrum reboot project man departs

16 hours 24 min ago
Retro Computers Ltd director hits back: So? We binned him

Ailing ZX Spectrum Vega firm Retro Computers Ltd appears to have lost one of its key people, amid a battle of words between the MD and a former contractor.…

Brit banks told to publish details of major incidents that stop punters' payments

17 hours 32 min ago
Bad news for regular TITSUP* offenders, good news for consumer choice

Banks will have to publish details of incidents that stop people using their payment services under new rules proposed by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.…

How fast is a piece of string? Boffin shoots ADSL signal down twine

18 hours 48 sec ago
Metaphor wrought in flesh

An experiment by staff at UK ISP Andrews & Arnold has redefined the meaning of a fibre connection by showing that a piece of wet string can handle ADSL.…

The North remembers: York scraps Uber's licence over data breach

18 hours 33 min ago
But taxi biz can restart work in Sheffield

The northern city of York has voted against renewing Uber's licence as the backlash against the ride-hailing firm's business practices continues.…